Announcing Haptic Animation Amplifier


Today is an exciting day! I may have spoken to you about this in person, but I can finally officially announce Haptic Animation Amplifier. This is a non-profit I am starting that will support independent animation in the Pacific Northwest.

For a while I’ve felt that the animation community in Seattle and its environs was not getting as much appreciation as it deserved. A lot of great work comes out of there, but it might not find its way to the world wide animation stage. I put together two programs of Seattle shorts and toured with these personally around Europe. These tours went great, but I felt a non-profit could do more: catalog and preserve the history of animation in the region, be an information point for outsiders curious about NW animation, help young animators develop their careers by advising about film festivals, artist residencies and grants, and of course, continue distributing the best animation around the world.

It’s a grand vision, and I’m going to need help making it a reality. I’ve set up a kickstarter campaign for very basic start up costs, which has just launched. It will be up until September 7th, so you may be hearing a lot about it on social media.

And I’m happy to say that the non-profit will officially launch at the end of September, during the Local Sightings Film Festival in Seattle. Why this festival? Because they wanted to have a particular focus on local animation this year, and the first service Haptic has provided is curate four very special short film programs that reflect the various and talented animation community we are lucky to claim.

I am very proud of this programming, and so excited that I will actually get to watch it in person, because I will traveling to Seattle for the festival and the Haptic launch.

So see you there? In the meantime, find out more (like what Haptic means!) at this link.

And here is the graphic from the video that visually explores the different services we will offer:

Haptic_diagramFor Movie