Bruce Bickford conquers Germany!

All photos in this blog post courtesy of Stadthaus Ulm.

Bruce Bickford recently returned from a trip to Germany where he helped install and open an exhibition in the Stadthaus Ulm, (open through June 16th). The show is called ‘Mr. Bickford Discovers a New Land‘ and his trip received a tremendous amount of coverage in the local papers, on TV and on the radio.
Check out this four part video series where Bruce guides you through the exhibit (first part embedded below):

And here is a time lapse of the exhibit coming together:

And an interview with Bruce’s manager Nicholas Garaas, about how he came to work for Bruce and the mammoth task of transporting all the artwork to Germany:

If you speak German you will enjoy this profile on Bruce and the exhibit that aired on local TV, or this one or this one.

Here is a sampling of photos from the exhibit and the opening. More can be found on the Stadthaus Ulm Facebook Page.

Congratulations, Bruce!