Collaborative Portland animated dance party!

Check out this fresh video made by 20 Portland animators, competing for the best animated moves:

The talented Ben Luce (we showed his music video Labyrinth at the Local Sightings Film Festival last month) spearheaded the project. More from him about how it came to be:

On May 13, 2015, I posted a French animation video (Megalizer II) in the Animation Resource Community Service group on Facebook [if you’re a Portland animator, click here and request to Join the group]. Inspired by the video, I mentioned it would be cool to do something along the lines of an animated dance battle. The comments section exploded with positive feedback, and it was clear that other Portland animators were on board.

Shortly after, Temris Ridge contacted me about heading up the animation collab together. Temris created a thorough outline of all of the important information and details of the project, and we developed a contract for everyone to sign in order to join the collab. We ultimately decided to combine the word Funky and Keyframe to create the title, Funkeyframe.

After getting permission to use the track Sunroof Cadillac by The Floozies (All Good Records), I put together an animatic. 19 animators picked their parts until there were none left. Later, Carolyn Main worked on Sam Niemann‘s section, making it an even 20.

That’s how Funkeyframe came to be. We plan on doing more in the future!

Keep up the good work! Here are all the animators from the video. Watch until the end credits to see who made which clip:

Madison Russell
Danie West
Christina Mayes
Jesse Jones
Sam Niemann
Carolyn Main
Neisje Morrell
Naomi Fish
(Model / Rig – Don Fergus)
(Character Design – Todji Kurtzman)
Ben Luce
Sophya Vidal
Josh (Skull) Dixon
Hannah Viera
Phil Salang
Temris Ridge
Sven Bonnichsen
Alex Miller
Chris Purdin
Nick Nall
Gary Hogue
Andy Cunial