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  • Bruce Bickford

    Bruce Bickford (born Seattle, 1947) is a maker of animated films who works primarily in clay and drawn animation. From 1974 to 1980 he collaborated with Frank Zappa. Bickford's animation was featured extensively in the Frank Zappa videos Baby Snakes and The Dub Room Special. Zappa also released a video titled The Amazing Mr. Bickford, which was entirely composed of Bickford animations set to a soundtrack of Zappa's orchestral music.

    His life and work were featured in the 2004 biographical documentary film Monster Road, directed by Brett Ingram, which has won numerous film festival awards and garnered acclaim in many countries.

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    CAS'L' (2015)

    CAS'L' is an elusive place usually found only accidentally, though it is sometimes obvious. It has manifold manifestations in its many levels above and below ground. The animation for CAS'L' started in 1988 and was finished in 1997. It has only recently been completed with an audio track.

    Still from CAS'L' (2015)

    Still from CAS'L' (2015)

    Excerpt from Dream of a Beatnick Poet aka Pachuco Cross (2011)

    A poet sits by a tree and is confronted with violence. This is just the beginning of a trip through Bruce Bickford's unconscious, guided by his own voice as the recalls the origins of the images. This is an excerpt from a work in progress.

    Still from Excerpt from Dream of a Beatnik Poet, aka Pachuco Cross (2013)

    Still from Excerpt from Dream of a Beatnik Poet, aka Pachuco Cross (2013)


    The Comic That Frenches Your Mind (2008)

    A sample of Bruce Bickford's trippy line animation, guided by his ethereal voiceover.

    Still from The Comic that Frenches Your Mind (2008)

    Still from The Comic that Frenches Your Mind (2008)


    Prometheus' Garden (2008)

    Inspired by the Greek myth of Prometheus, a Titan who created the first mortals from clay and stole fire from the gods, Prometheus’ Garden is a dark, magical and violent stream of consciousness version of a hero's journey.

    Still from Prometheus' Garden (2008)

    Still from Prometheus' Garden (2008)


    Inversion Layer (2003)

    Freeways to nowhere, military police, and impressionistic camera moves characterize this film, one of Bruce's earlier forays into pencil animation.