Haptic has curated numerous programs of animated short films from the Pacific Northwest for screenings at festivals. The themes of these range from: music videos/music-based films; animations that relate to literature or poetry; animations that make us question our relationships with nature and each other.

These are potentially available for screening at indie cinemas, film centers, art galleries, and film or animation festivals. Tess is also available to give a 30 mins lecture about the animation scene in this region. Get in touch if interested!

One of the most recent programs curated by Haptic was presented by founder Tess Martin at the Animanima festival in Serbia in September 2016. It consisted of a variety shorts program (mostly dialogue-less films) and a mini-retrospective of the work of Bruce Bickford. Here are the line-ups and descriptions:

Additionally, here is information about two shorts programs of Seattle films that Tess Martin toured independently between 2011 and 2015, before the birth of Haptic. These are still available for booking, so if you’re interested in hosting a screening, get in contact.




Strange Creatures
Contemporary independent animation from Seattle

The Pacific Northwest has more than its share of curious creatures. This series of animated films, curated by Tess Martin, showcases the relationship between humans and the natural world in the wet and wild city of Seattle. Whales, owls, bumblebees, frogs, cats, dogs and the hairy forest-dwelling giant known as Bigfoot inhabit these flights of fancy created by award-winning members of the Seattle Experimental Animation Team, themselves a rare breed: truly independent creators who push the boundaries of animation.


1. Rocketmen trailer, Webster Crowell, 0:53 (2013)

2. The Whale Story, Tess Martin, 3:46 (2012)

3. Song of the Spindle, Drew Christie, 4:03 (2011)

4. Crashing Waves, Britta Johnson, 6:53 (2010)

5. Hi! I’m a Nutria, Drew Christie, 3:45 (2012)

6. Harsh Tokes and Bong Jokes, Clyde Petersen, 3:46 (2013)

7. Excerpt from Dream of a Beatnick Poet, Bruce Bickford, 5:24 (2000-present)

8. Edible Rocks, Stefan Gruber, 2:49 (2013)

9. They Look Right Through You, Tess Martin, 9:02 (2013)

10. King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me-O, Britta Johnson, 3:02 (2012)


Total running time: 44 minutes


Strange Creatures Screenings


Rotterdam, the Netherlands: R>>EJECT RADICALS Festival, Jan 26, 2015
Ljubljana, Slovenia: ANIMATEKA International Animated Film Festival, Dec 8-14, 2014
Oldenburg, Germany: zwergWERKchen, Nov 30, 2014
Amsterdam, the Netherlands: Fay’s Film Festival, Free Fringe Festival, Sept 7, 2014
Brussels, Belgium: Cinema Nova, April 18th, 2014
Amsterdam, the Netherlands: OT301, presented by the A/V Club, April 13th, 2014
Prague, Czech Republic: Kavarna Liberal, March 11, 2014
Budapest, Hunagary: Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, March 5, 2014
Vienna, Austria: Under the Radar Animation Symposium, TopKino, March 1, 2014


North America
Seattle, USA: NW Film Forum, August 3, 2013




Shorts by Seattle Experimental Animation Team

Animator Tess Martin presents a collection of short animations that explore inter-actions – action between each frame of motion as well as between each subject on screen. Made individually by twelve members of SEAT (Seattle Experimental Animation Team) these thought-provoking films reflect on love, insanity, faith and murder.


1. Britta Johnson, Two Dots, 4:39 (2009)

2. Drew Christie, The Man Who Shot the Man Who Shot Lincoln, 5:15 (2010)

3. Aaron Wendel, Dwellings, 3:53 (2010)

4. Tess Martin, Plain Face, 10:42 (2011)

5. Amanda Moore, Bridging Wounds, 5:00 (2009)

6. Davis Limbach, Loopforms, 5:03 (2010)

7. Sarah Jane Lapp, Chronicles of a Professional Eulogist, 6:30 (from 26min film, 2009)

8. Clyde Petersen, The Dirty Street, 4:44, (2010)

9. Webster Crowell, Parasol, 8:30 (2008)

10. Stefan Gruber, Both Worlds, 10:17 (2011)

11. Salise Hughes, Somewhere, 4:00 (2010)
12. Bruce Bickford, The Comic That Frenches Your Mind, 5:28 (2008)


Total running time: 74 mins


Inter-Action Screenings


Montreal: Cinematheque Quebecoise, Feb 1, 2013 (altered program with The Whale Story instead of Plain Face)
Portland: Northwest Film Center, May 17, 2012
New York: NewFilmmakers at the Anthology Film Archives, July 20, 2011
92YTribeca, New York, NY, July 18, 2011
Seattle: Northwest Film Forum, June 16, 2011


Brighton: The Nightingale (part of CineCity Film Festival), Thu Nov 17, 2011
Paris: La Peniche Cinema (part of La Fete du Cinema d’Animation), Fri, Oct 28, 2011
Vienna: MuseumsQuartier (presented by ASIFA Austria), Mon Oct 24, 2011
Berlin: Lichtblick Kino, Sun Oct 23, 2011
Amsterdam: EYE Film Institute, Tues Oct 18, 2011
Groningen: VERA Zienema, Mon Oct 17, 2011
Amsterdam: De Nieuwe Anita, Sun Oct 16, 2011 (special program)
Newcastle: Star & Shadow Cinema, Wed Oct 12, 2011
Brighton: University of Brighton, Mon Oct 10, 2011
London: The Horse Hospital, Sat Oct 8, 2011