GiveBIG to Haptic on May 3rd!

GivBIGThe Seattle Foundation‘s annual GiveBIG event is happening next week! This special community fundraiser is an exciting way to show your support for Haptic Animation Amplifier, and to be part of an extraordinary day of giving in our city. 

This year, you can schedule your donations ahead of time! If you want to help Haptic meet and exceed our goal of $1,000 for GiveBIG, head over to The Seattle Foundation and donate today! Haptic is fiscally sponsored by the Northwest Film Forum, so search for them (or click here for their profile page), and make sure to add ‘Haptic’ in the Comments field. Schedule your donation at any point between now and midnight on May 3rd.

Haptic Animation Amplifier is proud to support animation from the Pacific Northwest, and these funds will help us fill this website with more resources. Learn more about our mission and impact by watching our original Kickstarter video.

When you make an online donation through The Seattle Foundation’s website, Haptic not only receives your generous gift, but we also receive a portion of the GiveBIG Stretch Pool, which helps grow your gift through a prorated match.
Click HERE to GiveBIG for Haptic!