Jim Blashfield

Jim Blashfield’s work covers a wide range– from genre challenging experimental films and videos, through live-action and animated narratives and multiple-screen video and sound installations. A long-time member of the vital Pacific Northwest film community, Blashfield’s work has been screened and broadcast internationally.
In the mid-1980s,with the completion of his comic surrealist animated film Suspicious Circumstances, Jim’s work caught the attention of some of the era’s most creative artists working in popular music. During this time the studio created high profile music videos for Talking Heads, Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Peter Gabriel, Michael Jackson, Tears for Fears and others– expanding awareness of Blashfield’s work internationally.


More recent projects include a variety of short films and video installations, including Suctionmaster, the stop-motion film Bunnyheads, the live action film Basement Suite, currently in post-production, and the permanent installations Evolution of a City, Conveyor and Circulator. The studio is currently completing the programming and fabrication phase of Flooded Data Machine, a new public art project commissioned for Tilikum Crossing, Portland’s new light rail, bike and pedestrian bridge across the Willamette River.

Featured image credit: Still from And She Was music video for the Talking Heads (1986)


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Select Filmography:

Bunnyheads (2007)

A film about a strange hive of archetypal beings who inhabit a netherworld reminiscent of both Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and some mysterious place under someone’s basement stairs Writer, Director, Editor. Collaboration with sculptor Christine Bourdette.

The Tasseled Loafers (2001)

The Oregon Symphony and Northwest Film Center commissioned original films by Jim Blashfield, Gus Van Sant, Joan Gratz and Chel White. Each film is an interpretation of an orchestral work, with the scores played in concert by the symphony during the screening of the four films. Blashfield’s film “The Tasseled Loafers”, is ostensibly a tale about a handyman who, compelled to watch 4 hours of industrial test footage while waiting for his pipe sealant to dry, becomes fascinated with the tasseled loafers of a dead man found in a nearby restroom stall. The film is accompanied by Berlioz’ “Dream of a Witch’s Sabbath”. Produced by the Northwest Film Center.

Rodent Boy (2000)

A sociopathic rat plans to build an airport on 5 year old Veronica’s bathroom counter.

Leave Me Alone (1989)

Music video for Michael Jackson

Boy in the Bubble (1987)

Music video for Paul Simon

And She Was (1986)

Music video for The Talking Heads

Suspicious Circumstances (1984)

Called “a detective story ala Salvador Dali and Betty Crocker” this animated film chronicles a midnight visit to the home of Herbert and Lenore by a pair of flying hands bent on mischief, destruction, and what appears to be a bit of a wine tasting. Herbert will have none of it.