Kurtis Hough

Kurtis Hough makes pictures. Located in Portland Oregon he blends techniques of animation, documentary and the surreal, emphasizing the musical feelings and abstract patterns found in the natural world. Winner of the 2014 Oregon Media Arts Fellowship his work has been featured in numerous international film festivals, art galleries, and over a million viewers online.

Featured image credit: Still from To See More Light (2015)


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Select Filmography:


Painted Hills (2016)

A sculptural and painterly look at the geometry of geology.

Painted Hills


To See More Light (2015)

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” – L Cohen

To See More Light.


Seven Daffodils for Alice (2014)

A two part (left & right shoe) tribute to legendary folk singer and friend Alice Stuart.
music Alice Stuart, Tom Waits.



Some Trees (2014)

Some Trees


Toyland (2012)

A festive technicolor dreamland from The Ocean Floor.



Warm Earth, Which I’ve Been Told (2012)

A planetary eye on a passing day in the universe. Over 100,000 pictures layered over the course of one day.

Warm Earth, Which I’ve Been Told


Cryosphere (2012)

A haunting wailing cry to stop the melting of a glacier.



The Path (2012)

A dizzying dream walk into the trees illuminated by light.


Walking Through Mist I-II (2011)

A mystical walk through birth, life, death and beyond.


Mossgrove / Bed of Moss (2011)

The complete two part timelapse/macro art film exploring the lush mossy landscapes of Oregon.


Stumble Then Rise on Some Awkward Morning (2004)

An organic dreamlike journey spiraling from life to death.

stumble then rise on some awkward morning (HD) from Kurtis Hough on Vimeo.