Laura DiTrapani

Award winning writer, producer, director and animator Laura di Trapani’s cut-out technique combines photo realism with quirky musings of pure fantasy. Her diverse and successful films have shown all over the world in numerous festivals including Annecy, Hiroshima, Black Maria and Sundance. Di Trapani garnered an Emmy for her work on Public Broadcasting’s ‘Sesame Street’ program and Telly Awards for her commercial work. She is a grant recipient of The Western States Regional Fellowship and The Oregon Arts Commission.
Born in New York City, Di Trapani studied filmmaking and photography at The New School before settling in the Pacific Northwest. Currently she teaches animation and storytelling at Portland State University, Oregon.


Featured image credit: A still from ‘We Three’


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Select Filmography:


The Dog Song (2014)

This video is part of the theatrical performance “Good Grief” by Susannah Mars.


Alteracion (2010)

This is a collaborative Time Arts Installation, exhibited at the Auzten Gallery, Portland State University.  Our intent is to sabotage the normal order of response, presenting familiar objects in as natural a setting as a gallery space allows and imagine these objects not as the inanimate manufactured articles we take them to be but as receptacles of our thoughts, emotions and energy. In many ways these items are active participants in our lives. They can function as physical metaphors for our need to manufacture an understanding of who we are and what our own function is in the world.


We Three (2007)

Independent film by Laura Di Trapani. Based on the Italian triskelion. Busby Berkeley meets Salvatore Dali.


7 Cats (2003)

A family of felines go in search for the elixir of life. Produced for Sesame Street.


Cross Ties (1998)

Cross Ties offers an animated interpretation of the development of Western written language and its origins in metaphor and symbolism.


I Think I Was an Alcoholic (1993)

Co-directed by John Callahan and Kelley Baker, ‘Alcoholic’ is based on the cartoon strip by John Callahan. It’s a true story.