Lori Damiano

Lori Damiano is an illustrator, animator, & educator based in Portland, Oregon.  She earned a BFA in Media Studies: Film / Video from the University of California, San Diego and an MFA in Experimental Animation from CalArts.  She currently teaches in the Animated Arts Program at the Pacific Northwest College of Art.  She is the Animation Department Chair for the California State Summer School for the Arts and is also a member of the Resource Council for Portland’s Independent Publishing Resource Center.

Featured image credit: Still from Lord I: The Records Keeper (2013)

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Select Filmography:


Lord I: The Records Keeper (2013)

Lord I : The Records Keeper is a story of a distracted yet devoted archivist who is called to travel to the Kingdom of They to make records of the happenings in that troubled tangled realm.  Along the way, she becomes suspicious that something is lacking in her observations.  A sudden storm of activity separates her from her record keeping tools.  This change leads Lord I to discover a depth of experience that she had been missing.


Lady Secrets (2014)

Lori was commissioned by Kevin Sukho Lee of Animation Breakdown to create a new short film to premiere at the Free For All program in the Animation Breakdown Festival at Cinefamily in Hollywood, CA on November 20, 2014.


Hubba Hubba (2013)

An animated portrait of a stranger.

Hubba Bubba from Lori D on Vimeo.