Marilyn Zornado

Marilyn Zornado is a calligrapher, book artist, animator and educator living in Portland, Oregon with her husband.


Featured image credit: Still from Insect Poetry (2002)


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Old-Time Film (2011)

A letterpress-printed animation short printed entirely from antique news cuts, printer’s ornaments, hand-set type and bell wire on a Vandercook SP-15. Director, animated and printed by Barbara Tetenbaum & Marilyn Zornado.


Spring Lines: Poets Celebrate Spring (2010)

Words of twelve poets, from Dylan Thomas to Edna St. Vincent Millay come to life with animated hand-lettering to celebrate the joys of Spring.


Insect Poetry (2012)

Tucked quietly away in the corner of a writer’s study, The Insect Literary Society has convened this night to share new poems written by a few of its members–Moth, Firefly, Daddy Longlegs, and Dragonfly. The scholarly Book Weevil presides, commenting generally on the beauty and delicious flavor of the written word. He introduces the insect-poets who, one by one, read their works. The poems range in tone from the dreamy to the earthy and amusing, and the subject matter is the stuff that insects’ lives are made of –metamorphosis, anatomy, danger, nature, beauty, and love. INSECT POET Meme Marie Meyers, who wrote the poems featured in this film, passed away December 6, 2011. Her rare spirit and imagination inspired this film.

The animation and design were executed after-hours by members of the Vinton Studios’ staff including animators Chris Calvi, Brian Ormiston, Tennessee Reid Norton and Bartek Prusiewcz. Tracy Prescott designed the characters and was the Art Director. Dan Ackerman was the Director of Photography. Characters built by Kate Schmitt, Erik Van Kirk and Lisa Cordera. The original musical score was written by Judith Gruber-Stitzer of Montreal. Lance Limbocker, of Downstream, did the sound design and final mix. The insect readings were performed by professional actors from the Portland theatre community. Voices of the insects were cast and directed by Louanne Moldovan and include: Allen Nause, Shelly Lipkin, Nick Burlini-Price, Kristin Martha Brown and Luisa Sermol.
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