Neely Goniodsky

Neely Goniodsky earned her BA at Concordia University, Montreal, and her MA at the Royal College of Art, London. She is interested in abstract narrative and visual experimentation. In her work she attempts to translate obscure reality into visual poetry. She explores a combination of traditional animation techniques including ink and paint on paper, cut-out collage, under the camera animation, 2D computer animation and compositing.

Featured image credit: Still from Splash (2012)

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Select Filmography:


The Smiths (2014)

The Smiths is about a family falling into homelessness and how they can move out of it if a compassionate, supportive community and resources are in place.

The Smiths from Neely Goniodsky on Vimeo.


The Sine Wave (2013)

‘The Sine Wave’ is a short film about trying to understand the ups and downs of life through the mathematical function of the sine wave.

The Sine Wave from Neely Goniodsky on Vimeo.


Splash (2012)

The film illustrates a couple’s lifelong love amidst ink splashes. The story starts as the couple meets, expands into important events in their relationship, and concludes with them growing old together. The film constructs a unique visual environment that is composed of animated ink splashes forming the characters and background. This film encourages the viewers to reflect on their own romantic relationships and build strong interpersonal connections.

Splash from Neely Goniodsky on Vimeo.


A Pair (2012)

Couple’s interpersonal communication is represented through a metaphor of telephone wires. As their communication degrades, wires get entangled and almost suffocate their relationship. Eventually they find a way to solve their problems and untangle the relationship knot.