Stefan Gruber

Stefan Gruber is an American experimental animator and performance artist from Seattle. He creates hand-drawn, digitally finished experimental animation for galleries, touring, and performance art. Stefan is the Animation Department director at The Nova Project and the founder of Seattle Experimental Animation Team (SEAT).


Featured image credit: Stefan Gruber


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Select Filmography:

Edible Rocks (2012)

Charcoal, colored pencils, gel pens. This animation recounts the time when the animator convinced his little brother that there were some rocks you could eat.


Both Worlds part 1 (2010)

Hand drawn, digitally finished animation. This animation is accompanied by a live score and improvised dialogue, so every performance is different. Both Worlds part 2 is slated for 2013. The piece features two peaceful creatures in talks with each other about how to maintain the flora and fauna on the mountains they each live on top of.

Both Worlds (festival version) from Stefan Gruber on Vimeo.


Petting Zoo 2 (2009)

Hand drawn, digitally finished animation. This animation concludes Petting Zoo’s premise of liberating trapped animals as symbols of contained human emotions.


Petting Zoo (2008)

Hand drawn, digitally finished animation. The main character is either the voyeur or liberator of animals trapped in a haunted abandoned zoo.


Anaelle (2006)

Hand drawn, digitally transferred, finished as 35mm film print. This animation follows Gruber’s account of a magical encounter involving resurrecting drowned ladybugs.
View Anaelle on Stefan’s website here.


Fantasy Pleasure Complex (2001-2010)

This project is the collective title of a giant collection of short digital animation experiments by Stefan and guests and updated bi-yearly.


Thought City (2000)

Hand drawn punched paper animated film shot on Oxberry 16mm. Armies of commuters go about their routine, abstract and near-nonsensical business, within an ever-shifting cement block world. Occasionally, they get literally consumed by their own news, and they wage war against small, not entirely defenseless birds.


Leashlessness (1999)

Hand drawn flipbook animated film shot on Oxberry 16mm. In this animated clip, two dogs go into sensory overload, and it’s up to a good Samaritan to liberate the four-legged friends from their oppressive leash-holders.