Webster Crowell

Webster Crowell is a veteran filmmaker working primarily in stop-motion animation. Largely self-taught, Web constructs highly tactile worlds full of idealized characters and romantic detritus in a frenetic mix of styles and speeds. Since his first short in 1997 Web has worked primarily on a number of intensive personal films, including Borrowing Time, a sprawling feature film, and Parasol, a short film drawn across the surface of a few thousand paper parasols. His commissioned work includes collaborations with the Grand Illusion cinema, Northwest Film Forum, Dina Martina, Annex Theatre, West of Lenin and more. Screening around the world, he has received multiple grants and awards, including best design (Animation street party NY) Best Director/Effects (B movie fest) and the first ever Stranger genius award for film.

Featured image credit: Still from Exquisite Corpse (2012): Re-Animated

Webster Crowell’s Website, Vimeo Page, Facebook page for Rocketmen


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Rocketmen, the Web Series (2016)

At the height of the WPA jobs programs, able men were employed building bridges, painting murals, performing Shakespeare; so many programs it’s easy to forget the Department of Municipal Rocketry.  Men with rocket packs on rooftops in every city, alert and waiting to save their neighborhood from menaces guaranteed in the coming century.
Forgotten in the Federal bureaucracy, the Department of Municipal Rocketry survived; a jobs program whose hardware, uniforms and budget haven’t changed since the great depression. Generations of men employed atop rooftops and radio towers, the Rocketmen wait to save us, the question is: When the city is ultimately threatened by the enemy they were created to defend us from, will the Rocketmen be ready…?
A serial adventure in seven installments, written and directed by Webster Crowell.


Parasol (2008)

A short swift silent film about dancing bicycles. Parasol features Sarah Harlett and Jonah Von Spreecken rotoscoped across the surface of a few thousand paper parasols.

Parasol from Webster Crowell on Vimeo.


Last Call (2009-2010)

Panic Button studios once resided just beside the worst bar in all creation and grew quite fond of bellowing, vomiting bastards obstructing the gutters. This is a series of 4 micro animations.


Borrowing Time (2004)

A partly animated feature film complete with atomic insects, planes on string and the very theft of history itself. Borrowing toured the country and won best Director, visual effects, design best editor at the Syracuse B movie festival.



Grand Illusion Cinema trailer (1998)